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Handling Facilities

Handling equipment is always considered as one of the most important factor to the quality of ACSV services. With the goal of continuously developing and modernizing the system, ACSV has been continually investing and running the new upgrading projects which is at the aim of services quality improvement via minimizing the human errors and shortening the services time (As time for acceptance, delivery…).

The new cargo management system – Hermes (Developed by Hermes Logistics Technology Ltd. – From the UK) already put into operation June 2016, is considered as the most certain demonstration of ACSV’s attempts in perfecting the company’s handling systems.    

List of ACSV Handling Equipment

Pictures of ACSV handling equipment:

1.1. Hermes - Cargo Management System.

1.2. Cold Room.

1.3. DG Storage Area.

1.4. CCTV Room.

1.5. X-ray Machine.

1.6. Dolly & Trolley.

1.7. Forklift and Tractor


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