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Security System

As the owner and service provider of Noibai Cargo Terminal – part of Noibai International Airport, ACSV are fully aware that in all of our operations, ensuring the safety and security of both people and cargo is the most important priority.

ACSV have our own team of security guards. Along with the Aviation Security force of Noibai International Airport, they are responsible for ensuring the security and order of Noibai Cargo Terminal. In addition, other security measures like the CCTV system and security barriers are also constantly invested in and upgraded in order to improve the effectiveness of our security system.

In order to ensure the safety and security inside the cargo terminal as well as the aviation security in accordance to the government authority’s requirements, ACSV divide the terminal into the restricted and sterile areas in order to assign appropriate security measurements.

ACSV’s restricted areas consist of the area between the Cargo Terminal entrance and the security screening point on level 1 as well as the office areas inside the Cargo Terminal. The restricted areas are separated from the common areas by the entrance and barrier system.

Upon entering and leaving the restricted areas, ACSV’s customers, vehicles and staff must present identification document(s) and vehicle registration in case of vehicles entering the Cargo Terminal.

ACSV’s sterile areas consist of the area between the security screening point and the airport’s apron, the warehouse as well as the cargo handling and categorizing areas. All cargoes, people and vehicles entering and leaving the sterile areas must be screened and checked according to the aviation security procedures.


Security Force:

The Aviation Security force of Noibai International Airport is the main force responsible for the security of ACSV’s Cargo Terminal and controlling the access and exit of people and vehicle at the Cargo Terminal.

ACSV’s own security guards are responsible for ensuring the security of the restricted areas and performing security monitoring in order to prevent illegal interactions with the cargoes, customers’ belongings and ACSV’s operations.

ACSV’s own security force perform security monitoring through on-site guards and the 24/7 high-resolution CCTV system. Security footage is stored for 30 days and the CCTV system consists of 170 cameras, ensuring total coverage of all ACSV’s operation areas.

In addition, we also have a Safety-Quality-Security Team responsible for requiring and instructing our employees not to make or support any illegal interaction with the cargo. In case unusual activities are discovered, our employees must notify the related authority immediately. 

Thanks to our tight security and monitoring system, the safety of ACSV’s cargo handling operations is always guaranteed and theft is effectively prevented. 

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