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Welcome to Air Cargo Services of Vietnam (ACSV).

The office area for lease is located inside the Noibai Cargo Terminal, allowing ACSV’s customers to perform cargo-operation-related activities in a convenient and time-saving manner.

ACSV always strives to provide our customers with offices filled with the greatest amenities. Therefore, during the last few months, we have been continuosly upgrading our facilities, giving our offices a brand new, modern look with a touch of luxury.

Located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of Noibai Cargo Terminal, ACSV offices for lease are equipped with numerous modern, cutting-edge amenities.

The office area for lease can be flexibly adjusted in terms of size to suit our customers' needs, with the minimum size being 21m2

Notable amenities included:
- Daily cleaning up service (for office, hallway and restroom area)
- 24/7 security guard.
- 24/7 CCTV system.
- Technical support.
- Backup power supply.
- Standard air-conditioning system.
- Fire detection and suppression system.
- High-speed internet access.
List of office lessees at Noibai Cargo Terminal:

Floor Office lessees Room number
3 Tường long  308
Kornet  306
Morrison  307
NCTS  302-305
2 HX  201
Vinatrans  202
Eva air  204
Jetstar  222
CV  206
OZ  208-210
FEDEX  225-231
DHT 216 
TT Kiểm dịch  226
ANHK  213
Prime cargo  228
OIA  220
Indo tran- ITL  217
Royal lee  219
Quang Vinh  230
United-aexpress  223
Thắng lợi  216A
For more information, please contact:
-         Hotline: (+84) ACSV Sales Department;
-         Mobile: +84 919176886 (Mr Đức Anh)
-         Email:


Office area map:

Sample office layout

Some of ACSV's office lessees                                            
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