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Beginning from the 1st of November 2018, ACSV applies new handling service surcharge for imported cargo and the content adjustment of imported cargo delivery service.

 Dear Valued customers,
Air Cargo Services of Vietnam Joint Stock Company (ACSV) would like to send our warmest greetings to customers and thank you for the cooperation during the past time.

Based on the actual operating situation at Noi Bai Cargo Terminal, ACSV would like to announce the application of handling service surcharge for imported cargo and the content adjustment of imported cargo delivery service, as follows:

1. Surcharge for import cargo handling services:

  • ACSV will charge an additional 10% of the processing cargo handling service fee for each correspondence type of cargo in the case that the total delivery time of goods (receiving the Delivery Note) until receiving the request for cargo delivery (submission of the Delivery note, printing VCT) exceeds 120 minutes. The minimum fee is 15.000 VND/AWB.
  • Cargo Re-Storage Service applies in the following cases: After completing all the procedures for receipt of goods but customer needs to re-storage it in the warehouse or customer have not transported the cargo from the warehouse within 120 minutes from the moment of placing a Vehicle Control Ticket (VCT). The applicable charge is the highest warehouse storage charge that corresponds with each type of cargo and there is no free-storage period. 
2. The other Service charges' content adjustment and supplement:
2.1. Perishable cargo storage charge:
  • Minimum Charge: 230.000 VND/AWB/time
  • Service Rate: 170 VND/Kg/Hour
2.2. Supplement to the Section 2 of ACSV’s current Service Charges Calculation Basis:
The Charge Calculation Basis: AWB/time. The number of times that an acceptance/ delivery service are applied to a shipment on an AWB. In case the shipment consists of multiple types of cargo that require different handling services, each type of handling service is treated as one time service applied.

2.3. Supplement to ACSV's Service Charges:
Modifying, correcting information on the Booking/SLI AWB/time 70.000
Shipment information modifying service (including the changes of carrier) AWB/time 100.000
Ossuary handling service Kg Applied under General Cargo Service rates
3. The adjustment is effective from 1st November 2018.
Thank you for your continuing confidence and support our services. In case customers need more information, please contact us at 024.35841616 / ext: 211/212.

We look forward to receiving your cooperation and would like to thank you.
Yours sincerely!


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