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ACSV heads North to bring love to the ethnic children


Dinh Minh is a remote commune of Trung Khanh District, Cao Bang Province, Vietnam. Dinh Minh commune has totally 9.17 km2 of land area and consists of the following villages: Bo Da Khau Gat, Binh Lang, Ban Chang Thang Na, Ban Da, Khua Khao, Phia Sach Khua Nau. The commune has 1419 people living in 353 households, the population density is very sparse only 65 people / km2. The local villagers are mainly Tay and Nung ethnic groups living together, others are Kinh and some other minorities ethnic. Main occupation of the villagers is breeding and agriculture farming. Their life mainly base on self-sufficient thus they face many difficulties in daily life.

ACSV "Love Sharing" team preparing to head to Dinh Minh commune


With a tradition of solidarity, leaves protect tattered ones, along with developing the company business, ACSV’s Board & employees regularly organize the charity program to contribute its small part to the social security and sharing difficulties with those situations need help. Following the charity trip to Pa Lau commune, Tram Tau district, Yen Bai province in 2015, on 26/02/2017 ACSV’s delegation held a “Love sharing” charity program, donated more than 150 gifts to the children of the kindergarten - primary students in Dinh Minh commune school. 

ACSV charity team preparing gifts and stage for the event

Under the guidelines, dedicated reception of Trung Khanh district leaders, Dinh Minh community leaders & Dinh Minh school administrators, ACSV BOD & staff was warmly welcomed by the lovely local kids. All the kids happily received gifts from ACSV team with total value of 45 milions VNĐ, contributed by the company’s Trade union & workers.

Mr. Vuong Thanh Binh giving speech at the event

Mr. Hoang Manh Ha, ACSV's Cao Bang-born Deputy General Director, encouraging the local children

Speaking in the program, Mr. Vuong Thanh Binh – ACSV’s GD stressed the company desires to share the difficulties with all the poor local inhabitants in the spirit of "leaves protect torn", contributing the small hands together with other individuals, organizations, businesses to help improve the hard life of the local children, hoping they could help them to overcome difficulties and poverty in life, adding more strength and willingness, for the children to continues to come to school for a better future of the motherland. Mr. Vuong Thanh Binh expressed his willingness to continue with more charities events in Dinh Minh Commune in the near future.

Ms. La Thi Duyen showing gratitude to ACSV on behalf of her school administrators

Mr. Hoang Van Khe, Vice President of Dinh Minh commune's People Committee, expresses his gratitude to ACSV's delegation


ACSV charity team delivering gifts to the local children

Other moments of the event:

Mr. Vuong Thanh Binh and Mr. Hoang Manh Ha delivering gifts and souvenirs to the school and local authority


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