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Cargo Handling Services

Cargo Handling Services

With experiences in operating in air cargo handling sector for years, ACSV has been providing services to 24 airlines arriving and departing from Ha Noi. The company confidently assures that ACSV is capable of meeting any requirement of airlines for various type of goods:
1.      General Cargo and Mails.
2.      Electric and vulnerable goods.
3.      Express cargo.
4.      Dangerous goods
5.      Perishable cargo.
6.      Live animal.
7.      Oversized cargo.
8.      Valuable cargo.
Picture of special cargo handling process:
Live animal handling process: ACSV has been providing handling services to many live animal shipment with high standard of requirement such as: Milky cow, dolphin, tiger, dogs…

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Express cargo handling process for DHL:

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Electric and vulnerable shipments of Samsung/ Microsoft…:

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