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Company Renters


In addition to the core services of cargo handling services, ACSV provides various value-added services. The premises renting is the most potential and customers-interested service.
1.      Warehouse renting service:

Noi Bai Cargo Terminal Services Joint Stock Company (NCTS) is currently the largest warehouse renter of ACSV. While the Noi Bai Cargo Terminal currently has cargo handling area of approximately 20,000 Sq, NCTS is renting 10,000 Sq of this.


1.      Office renting service:
Office leasing services are central to ACSV’s business strategy and future development. The company has constantly focused on office renovation and investing in new equipment to create the best working conditions for all customers such as Airlines, Forwarders as well as other renters who have demand for this service. 
The customers are using ACSV’s offices including:

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